Last 24 Hours: Talk of a safe-zone along Syria and Turkey

Turkey says its relations with Kurdistan cannot proceed. Following a wave of attacks and the start of strikes against the Islamic State – including the PKK wing of the Kurds – Turkey says the peace process is now “impossible.”

The United States and Turkey confirm talks of a 60 mile long safe-zone in war-torn Syria along the border of Turkey. Reports say this would be enforced by the two countries and Syrian rebels, and be for the use to push out Islamic extremists (like, ISIS), build border security, and perhaps refugee safety. No word from Syria’s Assad.



In war and conflict… Two policemen die in bombing in Bahrain — Three Libyan soldiers killed in suicide blast in Benghazi  — 25 killed in militant attacks in northeast Nigeria — About 16 killed in Boko Haram attack off Lake Chad

Taliban take over Afghanistan headquarters in the north — Syrian forces and Kurds push Islamic State out of Hasaka city, monitor says — Protesters and police clash in Uganda — Bus drivers in El Salvador go on strike as gang violence surges — Clashes break out in Turkey’s Istanbul

In foreign policy… Obama holds speech at African Union — POTUS pushes end of South Sudan conflict — Issues arise as negotiators try to wrap up the Trans-Pacific Partnership — World tries to address lawlessness at sea

In global politics… Hillary Clinton releases climate change plan — Lebanon struggles with growing and smelly trash problem — EU and IMF negotiators to meet in Greece for bailout — Malaysia prime minister reshuffles cabinet

In global courts and rights… Libyan court sentences Qaddafi son to death — NSA will erase American calling records “as soon as possible” — Search for missing students in Mexico finds more mass graves — Colombia looks into possible mass grave of hundreds dead — Turkey detains 1,000 people in crackdown


Living under conflict… At least 13 million are hungry in Yemen, with 6.5 starving, aid group says — Five-day humanitarian pause fails, aid groups frustrated — Libyans struggle to live under turbulent Tripoli

Underreported conflict… 22 killed in violence across eastern states of Mexico over the weekend –El Salvador violence called a “war without sense” — Reports say 700 were killed in one month in El Salvador — China conducts air and sea drills in the South China Sea


Last 24 Hours: Turkish strikes threaten unstable Kurdish relations

Turkey continued its strikes in Iraq and Syria, really raising fresh tensions in the region. Airstrikes hit Islamic State (ISIS) targets in Syria and also Kurdish PKK militant spots in northern Iraq.

The relatively secure but unstable Kurdish and Turkish relations heightened over the weekend, after Turkish strikes on the Kurd PKK. Starting out against Iraqi Kurds, Turkey is now accused of attacking a Syrian Kurd village.

A buffer zone in northern Syria? It may be possible. The United States and Turkey are discussing, in their new relations over the fight against ISIS, to clear out Islamic State militants from the region for security, refugees, and the moderate opposition.

OVER THE WEEKEND… Yemen five-day humanitarian pause gets to rocky start — Burundi president wins disputed election for third term — Colombia stop strikes against FARC rebels after they declare ceasefire



In war and conflict… 21 people killed in a shootout at an Afghanistan wedding — 15 killed by a suicide blast in a Nigerian market — 13 killed in Somali hotel attack in Mogadishu — Young Palestinian died in arrest scuffle — Indian army now in battle with rebels after attack killed five

Search in Mexico finds 60 mass graves — Taliban overrun army base in Afghanistan — Iraqi forces take University of Anbar from Islamic State outside Ramadi — Air force and militia attack Darfur villages

In protest… Protesters and riot police clash before Philippines presidential address — Protesting French farmers continue to block border roads — Turkish police and Kurdish police clashClashes erupt at Jerusalem Al Aqsa Mosque

In foreign policy… World Bank appoints new vice president and treasurer — Trans-Pacific Partnership deal close to an end, but still a few things to tackle — Taiwan frustrated with lack of progress with China — NATO to hold a meeting on Turkish security

In global politics… Greece creditors in Athens to discuss new bailout — Syria’s Assad admits to weakening army power in the country — Donald Trump leads Republican poll for presidency in America

In global rights… Italy continues to struggle with migrant refugee crisis — United Nations hopes to get aid to Yemen’s Aden as fight moves up north


Obama in Africa… POTUS in Ethiopia — Obama calls on the youth of Africa for its future — Obama says no to tribalism, pushes civil society — Kenya’s Nairobi gets back to normal — Will South Sudan’s conflict be addressed?

World security… Indian security forces now on high alert after rebels pull off deadly attack on police station — Turkey’s strikes on ISIS and PKK militants could “change game” in Iraq and Syria — Russia sees Arctic as a priority in new security aims — Egypt extends state of emergency in Sinai

Last 24 Hours: Turkey picks up fight against Islamic State

Turkey is moving fast against the Islamic State following a couple of deadly attacks and the Suruc bombing that killed about 32 people. There were clashes along the Turkish-Syrian border between the military and ISIS militants Thursday. And Turkish jets dropped bombs on ISIS targets, making it their first-ever set of strikes against ISIS in Syria.

Also a move by Turkey, the government has approved for the United States to fly drones and jet strikes against ISIS in Syria from an airbase near the border. This allows the U.S. to work from Turkish soil.

Plus: Syria’s government claims it is too early to hold further United Nations-brokered peace talks.

Burundi is on edge waiting for its election results from a disputed presidential vote earlier this week. Al Jazeera reports the turnout was 74 percent despite violence and an opposition boycott call. The United Nations has called for an unity government.

A top al-Qaida leader Abu Khalil al-Sudani was killed by a United States strike in Afghanistan earlier this month, the nation’s Secretary of Defense said.



In war and conflict… Death toll in Nigeria Gombe bombings rise to 36 dead — 24 militants killed in Somalia key border town by Kenya military — Three dead, seven injured in American movie shooting — 40 migrants dead in shipwreck off Libya’s coast

Houthi rebels ousted from Yemen’s Aden — Yemen parties reportedly start peace talksTensions rise along India-Pakistan disputes — Somalia says it captured a city held by al-Shabaab  — Afghan-Taliban talks planned for end of July — Expansion of weapon arms pullout in east Ukraine urged

In foreign relations… U.S. Secretary of Defense meets with Kurds on Islamic State — Cameroon looks to build global trade relations post-election — U.S. to work with Iraq on Ramadi assault on ISIS —  Hungary finishing fence along Serbia border

In money and health… World’s first malaria vaccine approved in European Union, close to rollout — Africa Development Bank says continent should learn from Greece — European Union negotiators in Athens to discuss third Greece bailout — Obama tells EU nations to not leave the EU

In global politics… Obama frustrated over lack of gun safety laws in America — Chinese democracy activist plans to run for parliament seat in Taiwan — Algeria president does partial cabinet shuffleCriminal inquiry possible in Hillary Clinton email strategy — Iran president defends Iran deal

In global rights… France approves plan to allow surveillance spying on citizens — Burundi police used excessive force, rights group says — Hundreds of cops convicted in United Kingdom — Extreme weather forced 20 million away from homes — United Nations criticizes Canada’s new terrorism law — Fighting stops aid access in South Sudan


Obama and Africa… What’s on the agenda in Kenya — Nation pulls largest security operation for POTUS — Africa puts self out there to host global summits — Where the U.S. and China compete

Fighting in Libya… Violence reported across Libya’s southern regions, UN calls for ceasefire — Soldiers killed in new push by eastern government forces in Benghazi

China Seas… Philippines filed an arbitration case over South China Sea boundaries, China says U.S. is involved — China claims it has every right to build and drill in the East China Sea

Last 24 Hours: Alarming reports and numbers out of South Sudan, Iran

Debate grows over death in police custody in United States’ Texas this July. Black woman Sandra Bland was found dead, by hanging, in a jail cell after a controversial arrest over a minor issue.

This comes after a report finds deaths in police custody are on the rise, and at its highest in five years.

A new report on South Sudan says the army burned civilians alive and crushed them with tanks. The Human Rights Watch curated reports and claims of war crimes, also including rape, abductions, hangings, and more this spring.

The government of South Sudan denies their army has committed these atrocities.

United States Secretary of Defense makes surprise trip to Iraq’s Baghdad. The national army is gearing up its strategy in recapturing Ramadi, just west of the capital, from the Islamic State.

Greece approved further economic measures to gain talks with creditors on another bailout as protesters gathered outside the parliament. The battle still continues: Some are “clashing” on how to handle Greece’s next bailout.

U.S. administration work on closing prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba is reportedly in its “final stages.”

Number of the day: Executions in Iran could top 1,000 this year alone, human rights group Amnesty says.


In war and conflict… 20 killed in suicide blasts in northern Cameroon — 51 militants killed in strike by Kenya jets — Car bombs kill 26 across Iraq’s Baghdad — 50 dead in Boko Haram attacks on Cameroon and Nigeria — Cause of 35 execution-style deaths up in air, fingers point to Brazil — Four Egyptian soldiers killed in Rafah bombing — Several shot in overnight violence in United States’ Baltimore —

Somalia and Africa Union troops take al-Shabaab stronghold — Death and destruction by Syrian government reported at Syria’s Zadabani — 30 strikes against Islamic State by U.S. coalition reported — Yemen’s Aden under control of Yemeni forces backed by Saudi Arabia

West Bank Palestinian killed in raid by Israeli soldiers — Police officer shot dead in San Francisco — Police officer killed in southeast Turkey

On protest… Immigration protest planned for Donald Trump’s trip to border — Protesting French farmers block roads to Lyon — Obama nude protest in Kenya called off — Thousands protest Iran deal in New York City’s Times Square — New York airport strike plans suspended

In foreign relations… Nigeria’s president says U.S. is helping Boko Haram in not arming Nigeria — Saudi Arabia seeks U.S. reassurance on Iran deal — Canada says it won’t stand for American bullying over Trans-Pacific Partnership — Turkey reinforces border with Syria after deadly  bombing — Obama, Turkey’s Erdogan agree to work on stopping foreign fighters in Syria

In global politics… U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to be questioned on Iran deal — Australian prime minister announces revamping of terror alert system — Obama administration starts work on U.S. Congress on Iran deal — Maldives vice president outed over treason claims — Ferguson hires black police chief

In global rights and aid… Rights group calls on Angola to release 13 jailed activists — Tanzania struggles in hosting Burundi refugees — Charleston shooting suspect indicted on hate crime charges — Crackdown on Chinese human rights lawyers grows — Immigration from Mexico to the U.S. lowers — U.S. paper takes case of Iranian jailed reporter to United Nations


Obama trip to Africa… Obama upbeat, excited for weekend trip to Africa — Kenya POTUS travel schedule leaked —  Airspace closed — “Suffocating” security reported — Schools to be closed in Kenya’s Nairobi — Obama’s face found across Africa

Others… The latest truce between the Colombia government and FARC rebels started this week… Niger’s humanitarian crisis worsens due to Boko Haram… U.S. elected politician says will do “everything possible” to stop Iran deal… Islamic State poses as greater threat than al-Qaida, FBI chief says — The African continent is stronger when it’s united, Africa Union chairman says

Last 24 Hours: Iran deal discussions get rocky

Burundi held its highly disputed elections on Tuesday, just after a night of deadly gunfire and months of political violence.Controversy over President Pierre Nkurunziza’s run for a third term has brought upon conflict, refugee outflows, and an attempted coup this year.

As the opposition called for a boycott, results aren’t expected until Thursday. An opposition leader has called for a unity government  ahead of results, in order to avoid a new conflict.

The United States Pentagon claims longtime al-Qaida operative Muhsin al Fadhli, reportedly part of the Khorasan terror group in Syria, was killed in a strike on July 8th.

Ship filled with food gets to Yemen’s Aden port for the first time in four months of war on Tuesday. The World Food Programme says its supplies should feed 18,000 people in the impoverished and embattled nation. A Saudi plane has also landed at Aden International Airport for the first time in four months.

The latest on the Iran deal: Iranian national parliament is now reviewing the Iranian nuclear agreement reached with several world powers. They’ve enlisted a panel to review the deal. So far, they’re rejecting sanctions after ten years.

U.S. Secretary of State Kerry becomes alarmed by Iran supreme leader criticism. Kerry is also planning to meet Gulf Arab states, signaling he’d “push back” on Iranian encroachment in the region. And North Korea shot down talk of reaching a similar deal with foreign powers.

Islamic State suspects post threats on Twitter against landmarks in Rome and Milan. Arrests have been made in Italy.

The first six months of this year have been the world’s hottest on record, the United Nations’ World Meterological Organization states

Plus: The Associated Press shares one million minutes of recorded history to YouTube


In war and conflict… Blasts across Iraq kill 32 people — 15 are killed in a suicide bombing at a northern Afghan marketplace — Eight killed in a blast at a Nigerian police checkpoint — Two policemen found dead on Turkey’s border with Syria — Two killed in Boko Haram raid on new army chief home

Tribes clash in Libya’s largest southern city — Anti-government protesters and police clash in Turkish cities — Afghan forces struggle to keep up security in fighting stalemate — Al Nusra Front claims to have shot down a Syrian drone — Palestinian killed by Israel forces in raid

French farmers set up blockades protesting failing prices — More than three thousand sign up for nude protest for Obama visit — Native Americans protest Arizona mine plan outside U.S. Capitol

In foreign relations… President Obama calls on iran to release detained Americans — CIA allegedly worked with casinos to spy on China — Algeria says it is committed to working out a political solution in Libya — EU challenges Israel plan to demolish Palestinian village

In global politics… Myanmar and armed minority groups resume talks on ceasefire — Ukraine and rebels reach agreement to pull back some weapons

Riot police raid home of Zimbabwe opposition leader — Nigeria’s president claims he can negotiate return of missing Chibok girls — United States gets 16th Republican candidate

In money… Greece gets emergency funds as they debate more economic measures — Nigeria to borrow $2.1 billion from the World Bank to rebuild northeast region under insurgency — IMF to give Ghana $918 million to aid its economy — Ukraine near default as people struggle in economy under conflict

In global rights… Central African Republic court says refugees can vote in its upcoming election — Turkey shortly blocks Twitter to limit Suruc bombing images — European Union state members fail to meet target in relocating 40,000 refugees

Chinese artist and activist gets passport back — Department of Homeland Security planned to insert officers in Ferguson protests — Canada’s anti-terror legislation meets challenge by free speech advocates — Families of killed Juarez women call for justice for corrupt officials — Cambodia jails 11 opposition activists


Obama trip to Africa… U.S. President Obama prepares for his trip to Kenya this weekend — Kenya President Kenyatta wants to focus on security and trade — Obama “Power Africa” project on edge — Security drill causes panic ahead of visit

Rumbles in China Seas… Standoff in China Seas and relations between China and Japan intensify — Japan’s defense review angers China — India, Japan, United States plan naval exercises in Indian Ocean

African crises… Violence in Nigeria pushing refugees deeper into Cameroon, UN warns —  Land grabs in Namibia threaten stability, trade union says — Central African Republic risks becoming “case study of failed state,” report says

Last 24 Hours: Ukraine fighting rages on, reportedly experiencing its deadliest month

The situation in Ukraine has not settled. In fact, the government and rebels in the east have both said they experienced the deadliest month of fighting. Eight government soldiers were killed in the last 24 hours.

A peace deal was signed in Minsk in February but clashes have continued on. 6,500 people have died since the Ukrainian revolution turned deadly in April of 2014.

Saudi-backed troops in Yemen have made some moves. Focused on the strategic control of Aden, Yemeni troops supported by the Saudi coalition have reportedly captured the airport from Houthi rebels on Tuesday. Added to that, they’ve also taken a port in Aden from the reigning rebels Wednesday.

United Nations Syria envoy meets southern rebels for the first time. In addition to the meeting in the south, Staffan De Mistura talked to at least eleven other Syria opposition groups in Istanbul this month.

Meanwhile, the Syrian army and Hezbollah fighters have moved into Zabadani city near the Lebanese border. And President Bashar al-Assad said the Iran deal would help him and his country, as rebels show worries.

The latest in the Greek debt crisis: Greece PM struggles to pass reforms in parliament; IMF calls for debt relief ahead of bailout vote

TL;DR | At the top, Ukraine fighting at its worst; Yemeni troops gain against Houthi rebels



In war and conflict, 27 airstrikes were targeted at the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria by United States and allies — Two suicide bombers killed a Syria rebel leader in Idlib — 12 were killed in Boko Haram raids

20 foreign tourists were arrested in China for “terror videos” — Two French citizens, along with 20 suspected militants, were detained by Mali policeMan executed in U.S.’ Missouri for strangling 19-year-old — Suspect of Islamic State bomb plot held without bail in U.S.’ Massachusetts

Protests rise in Tibet demanding release of monk’s body who died in a Chinese jail — A thousand protest in Hungary against building of fence preventing migrant flow along border with Serbia —

In foreign relations, Pakistan says it shot down spy drone on disputed border with India — Bahrain hits back at U.S. on human rights criticism — Rwandan lawmakers back move to approve presidential run for third term — Uganda president calls for unity in Burundi crisis

In global politics, Land reform in India faces opposition — Prime minister in Turkey expresses Kurdish peace, not coalition — Letter by Taliban leader shows support of Afghan peace process

In courts and global rights, Gitmo Bay board weighs case of alleged al-Qaeda member — International aid charities reluctant to share full scale of fraud —  Rights group says Egypt new anti-terror law “deadly blow to human rights”

Family of police chokehold victim renew calls for charges on officer — U.S. president calls for criminal justice reforms by end of year — Judge dismisses counts in Michael Brown wrongful death lawsuit case


Obama to hold conference Wednesday afternoon on Iran dealSecurity bills in Japan are passed, allowing troops to fight abroadIndia watching China in its Indian Ocean thrust amid South China Sea dispute — Global aid in Syria struggles to deliver