Last 24 Hours: Talk of a safe-zone along Syria and Turkey

Turkey says its relations with Kurdistan cannot proceed. Following a wave of attacks and the start of strikes against the Islamic State – including the PKK wing of the Kurds – Turkey says the peace process is now “impossible.”

The United States and Turkey confirm talks of a 60 mile long safe-zone in war-torn Syria along the border of Turkey. Reports say this would be enforced by the two countries and Syrian rebels, and be for the use to push out Islamic extremists (like, ISIS), build border security, and perhaps refugee safety. No word from Syria’s Assad.



In war and conflict… Two policemen die in bombing in Bahrain — Three Libyan soldiers killed in suicide blast in Benghazi  — 25 killed in militant attacks in northeast Nigeria — About 16 killed in Boko Haram attack off Lake Chad

Taliban take over Afghanistan headquarters in the north — Syrian forces and Kurds push Islamic State out of Hasaka city, monitor says — Protesters and police clash in Uganda — Bus drivers in El Salvador go on strike as gang violence surges — Clashes break out in Turkey’s Istanbul

In foreign policy… Obama holds speech at African Union — POTUS pushes end of South Sudan conflict — Issues arise as negotiators try to wrap up the Trans-Pacific Partnership — World tries to address lawlessness at sea

In global politics… Hillary Clinton releases climate change plan — Lebanon struggles with growing and smelly trash problem — EU and IMF negotiators to meet in Greece for bailout — Malaysia prime minister reshuffles cabinet

In global courts and rights… Libyan court sentences Qaddafi son to death — NSA will erase American calling records “as soon as possible” — Search for missing students in Mexico finds more mass graves — Colombia looks into possible mass grave of hundreds dead — Turkey detains 1,000 people in crackdown


Living under conflict… At least 13 million are hungry in Yemen, with 6.5 starving, aid group says — Five-day humanitarian pause fails, aid groups frustrated — Libyans struggle to live under turbulent Tripoli

Underreported conflict… 22 killed in violence across eastern states of Mexico over the weekend –El Salvador violence called a “war without sense” — Reports say 700 were killed in one month in El Salvador — China conducts air and sea drills in the South China Sea


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