Last 24 Hours: Turkish strikes threaten unstable Kurdish relations

Turkey continued its strikes in Iraq and Syria, really raising fresh tensions in the region. Airstrikes hit Islamic State (ISIS) targets in Syria and also Kurdish PKK militant spots in northern Iraq.

The relatively secure but unstable Kurdish and Turkish relations heightened over the weekend, after Turkish strikes on the Kurd PKK. Starting out against Iraqi Kurds, Turkey is now accused of attacking a Syrian Kurd village.

A buffer zone in northern Syria? It may be possible. The United States and Turkey are discussing, in their new relations over the fight against ISIS, to clear out Islamic State militants from the region for security, refugees, and the moderate opposition.

OVER THE WEEKEND… Yemen five-day humanitarian pause gets to rocky start — Burundi president wins disputed election for third term — Colombia stop strikes against FARC rebels after they declare ceasefire



In war and conflict… 21 people killed in a shootout at an Afghanistan wedding — 15 killed by a suicide blast in a Nigerian market — 13 killed in Somali hotel attack in Mogadishu — Young Palestinian died in arrest scuffle — Indian army now in battle with rebels after attack killed five

Search in Mexico finds 60 mass graves — Taliban overrun army base in Afghanistan — Iraqi forces take University of Anbar from Islamic State outside Ramadi — Air force and militia attack Darfur villages

In protest… Protesters and riot police clash before Philippines presidential address — Protesting French farmers continue to block border roads — Turkish police and Kurdish police clashClashes erupt at Jerusalem Al Aqsa Mosque

In foreign policy… World Bank appoints new vice president and treasurer — Trans-Pacific Partnership deal close to an end, but still a few things to tackle — Taiwan frustrated with lack of progress with China — NATO to hold a meeting on Turkish security

In global politics… Greece creditors in Athens to discuss new bailout — Syria’s Assad admits to weakening army power in the country — Donald Trump leads Republican poll for presidency in America

In global rights… Italy continues to struggle with migrant refugee crisis — United Nations hopes to get aid to Yemen’s Aden as fight moves up north


Obama in Africa… POTUS in Ethiopia — Obama calls on the youth of Africa for its future — Obama says no to tribalism, pushes civil society — Kenya’s Nairobi gets back to normal — Will South Sudan’s conflict be addressed?

World security… Indian security forces now on high alert after rebels pull off deadly attack on police station — Turkey’s strikes on ISIS and PKK militants could “change game” in Iraq and Syria — Russia sees Arctic as a priority in new security aims — Egypt extends state of emergency in Sinai


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