Last 24 Hours: Turkey picks up fight against Islamic State

Turkey is moving fast against the Islamic State following a couple of deadly attacks and the Suruc bombing that killed about 32 people. There were clashes along the Turkish-Syrian border between the military and ISIS militants Thursday. And Turkish jets dropped bombs on ISIS targets, making it their first-ever set of strikes against ISIS in Syria.

Also a move by Turkey, the government has approved for the United States to fly drones and jet strikes against ISIS in Syria from an airbase near the border. This allows the U.S. to work from Turkish soil.

Plus: Syria’s government claims it is too early to hold further United Nations-brokered peace talks.

Burundi is on edge waiting for its election results from a disputed presidential vote earlier this week. Al Jazeera reports the turnout was 74 percent despite violence and an opposition boycott call. The United Nations has called for an unity government.

A top al-Qaida leader Abu Khalil al-Sudani was killed by a United States strike in Afghanistan earlier this month, the nation’s Secretary of Defense said.



In war and conflict… Death toll in Nigeria Gombe bombings rise to 36 dead — 24 militants killed in Somalia key border town by Kenya military — Three dead, seven injured in American movie shooting — 40 migrants dead in shipwreck off Libya’s coast

Houthi rebels ousted from Yemen’s Aden — Yemen parties reportedly start peace talksTensions rise along India-Pakistan disputes — Somalia says it captured a city held by al-Shabaab  — Afghan-Taliban talks planned for end of July — Expansion of weapon arms pullout in east Ukraine urged

In foreign relations… U.S. Secretary of Defense meets with Kurds on Islamic State — Cameroon looks to build global trade relations post-election — U.S. to work with Iraq on Ramadi assault on ISIS —  Hungary finishing fence along Serbia border

In money and health… World’s first malaria vaccine approved in European Union, close to rollout — Africa Development Bank says continent should learn from Greece — European Union negotiators in Athens to discuss third Greece bailout — Obama tells EU nations to not leave the EU

In global politics… Obama frustrated over lack of gun safety laws in America — Chinese democracy activist plans to run for parliament seat in Taiwan — Algeria president does partial cabinet shuffleCriminal inquiry possible in Hillary Clinton email strategy — Iran president defends Iran deal

In global rights… France approves plan to allow surveillance spying on citizens — Burundi police used excessive force, rights group says — Hundreds of cops convicted in United Kingdom — Extreme weather forced 20 million away from homes — United Nations criticizes Canada’s new terrorism law — Fighting stops aid access in South Sudan


Obama and Africa… What’s on the agenda in Kenya — Nation pulls largest security operation for POTUS — Africa puts self out there to host global summits — Where the U.S. and China compete

Fighting in Libya… Violence reported across Libya’s southern regions, UN calls for ceasefire — Soldiers killed in new push by eastern government forces in Benghazi

China Seas… Philippines filed an arbitration case over South China Sea boundaries, China says U.S. is involved — China claims it has every right to build and drill in the East China Sea


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