Last 24 Hours: Alarming reports and numbers out of South Sudan, Iran

Debate grows over death in police custody in United States’ Texas this July. Black woman Sandra Bland was found dead, by hanging, in a jail cell after a controversial arrest over a minor issue.

This comes after a report finds deaths in police custody are on the rise, and at its highest in five years.

A new report on South Sudan says the army burned civilians alive and crushed them with tanks. The Human Rights Watch curated reports and claims of war crimes, also including rape, abductions, hangings, and more this spring.

The government of South Sudan denies their army has committed these atrocities.

United States Secretary of Defense makes surprise trip to Iraq’s Baghdad. The national army is gearing up its strategy in recapturing Ramadi, just west of the capital, from the Islamic State.

Greece approved further economic measures to gain talks with creditors on another bailout as protesters gathered outside the parliament. The battle still continues: Some are “clashing” on how to handle Greece’s next bailout.

U.S. administration work on closing prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba is reportedly in its “final stages.”

Number of the day: Executions in Iran could top 1,000 this year alone, human rights group Amnesty says.


In war and conflict… 20 killed in suicide blasts in northern Cameroon — 51 militants killed in strike by Kenya jets — Car bombs kill 26 across Iraq’s Baghdad — 50 dead in Boko Haram attacks on Cameroon and Nigeria — Cause of 35 execution-style deaths up in air, fingers point to Brazil — Four Egyptian soldiers killed in Rafah bombing — Several shot in overnight violence in United States’ Baltimore —

Somalia and Africa Union troops take al-Shabaab stronghold — Death and destruction by Syrian government reported at Syria’s Zadabani — 30 strikes against Islamic State by U.S. coalition reported — Yemen’s Aden under control of Yemeni forces backed by Saudi Arabia

West Bank Palestinian killed in raid by Israeli soldiers — Police officer shot dead in San Francisco — Police officer killed in southeast Turkey

On protest… Immigration protest planned for Donald Trump’s trip to border — Protesting French farmers block roads to Lyon — Obama nude protest in Kenya called off — Thousands protest Iran deal in New York City’s Times Square — New York airport strike plans suspended

In foreign relations… Nigeria’s president says U.S. is helping Boko Haram in not arming Nigeria — Saudi Arabia seeks U.S. reassurance on Iran deal — Canada says it won’t stand for American bullying over Trans-Pacific Partnership — Turkey reinforces border with Syria after deadly  bombing — Obama, Turkey’s Erdogan agree to work on stopping foreign fighters in Syria

In global politics… U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to be questioned on Iran deal — Australian prime minister announces revamping of terror alert system — Obama administration starts work on U.S. Congress on Iran deal — Maldives vice president outed over treason claims — Ferguson hires black police chief

In global rights and aid… Rights group calls on Angola to release 13 jailed activists — Tanzania struggles in hosting Burundi refugees — Charleston shooting suspect indicted on hate crime charges — Crackdown on Chinese human rights lawyers grows — Immigration from Mexico to the U.S. lowers — U.S. paper takes case of Iranian jailed reporter to United Nations


Obama trip to Africa… Obama upbeat, excited for weekend trip to Africa — Kenya POTUS travel schedule leaked —  Airspace closed — “Suffocating” security reported — Schools to be closed in Kenya’s Nairobi — Obama’s face found across Africa

Others… The latest truce between the Colombia government and FARC rebels started this week… Niger’s humanitarian crisis worsens due to Boko Haram… U.S. elected politician says will do “everything possible” to stop Iran deal… Islamic State poses as greater threat than al-Qaida, FBI chief says — The African continent is stronger when it’s united, Africa Union chairman says


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