Last 24 Hours: Iran deal discussions get rocky

Burundi held its highly disputed elections on Tuesday, just after a night of deadly gunfire and months of political violence.Controversy over President Pierre Nkurunziza’s run for a third term has brought upon conflict, refugee outflows, and an attempted coup this year.

As the opposition called for a boycott, results aren’t expected until Thursday. An opposition leader has called for a unity government  ahead of results, in order to avoid a new conflict.

The United States Pentagon claims longtime al-Qaida operative Muhsin al Fadhli, reportedly part of the Khorasan terror group in Syria, was killed in a strike on July 8th.

Ship filled with food gets to Yemen’s Aden port for the first time in four months of war on Tuesday. The World Food Programme says its supplies should feed 18,000 people in the impoverished and embattled nation. A Saudi plane has also landed at Aden International Airport for the first time in four months.

The latest on the Iran deal: Iranian national parliament is now reviewing the Iranian nuclear agreement reached with several world powers. They’ve enlisted a panel to review the deal. So far, they’re rejecting sanctions after ten years.

U.S. Secretary of State Kerry becomes alarmed by Iran supreme leader criticism. Kerry is also planning to meet Gulf Arab states, signaling he’d “push back” on Iranian encroachment in the region. And North Korea shot down talk of reaching a similar deal with foreign powers.

Islamic State suspects post threats on Twitter against landmarks in Rome and Milan. Arrests have been made in Italy.

The first six months of this year have been the world’s hottest on record, the United Nations’ World Meterological Organization states

Plus: The Associated Press shares one million minutes of recorded history to YouTube


In war and conflict… Blasts across Iraq kill 32 people — 15 are killed in a suicide bombing at a northern Afghan marketplace — Eight killed in a blast at a Nigerian police checkpoint — Two policemen found dead on Turkey’s border with Syria — Two killed in Boko Haram raid on new army chief home

Tribes clash in Libya’s largest southern city — Anti-government protesters and police clash in Turkish cities — Afghan forces struggle to keep up security in fighting stalemate — Al Nusra Front claims to have shot down a Syrian drone — Palestinian killed by Israel forces in raid

French farmers set up blockades protesting failing prices — More than three thousand sign up for nude protest for Obama visit — Native Americans protest Arizona mine plan outside U.S. Capitol

In foreign relations… President Obama calls on iran to release detained Americans — CIA allegedly worked with casinos to spy on China — Algeria says it is committed to working out a political solution in Libya — EU challenges Israel plan to demolish Palestinian village

In global politics… Myanmar and armed minority groups resume talks on ceasefire — Ukraine and rebels reach agreement to pull back some weapons

Riot police raid home of Zimbabwe opposition leader — Nigeria’s president claims he can negotiate return of missing Chibok girls — United States gets 16th Republican candidate

In money… Greece gets emergency funds as they debate more economic measures — Nigeria to borrow $2.1 billion from the World Bank to rebuild northeast region under insurgency — IMF to give Ghana $918 million to aid its economy — Ukraine near default as people struggle in economy under conflict

In global rights… Central African Republic court says refugees can vote in its upcoming election — Turkey shortly blocks Twitter to limit Suruc bombing images — European Union state members fail to meet target in relocating 40,000 refugees

Chinese artist and activist gets passport back — Department of Homeland Security planned to insert officers in Ferguson protests — Canada’s anti-terror legislation meets challenge by free speech advocates — Families of killed Juarez women call for justice for corrupt officials — Cambodia jails 11 opposition activists


Obama trip to Africa… U.S. President Obama prepares for his trip to Kenya this weekend — Kenya President Kenyatta wants to focus on security and trade — Obama “Power Africa” project on edge — Security drill causes panic ahead of visit

Rumbles in China Seas… Standoff in China Seas and relations between China and Japan intensify — Japan’s defense review angers China — India, Japan, United States plan naval exercises in Indian Ocean

African crises… Violence in Nigeria pushing refugees deeper into Cameroon, UN warns —  Land grabs in Namibia threaten stability, trade union says — Central African Republic risks becoming “case study of failed state,” report says


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