Last 24 Hours: Libya talks start in Geneva, truce reached in Syria’s Homs

Libya is holding Geneva international talks on the ever-lasting deteriorating situation in its country, mediated by the United Nations. UN’s envoy to Libya says the talks will “take time” to end fighting and to agree upon on a peace settlement.

Syria rebels and the government reached a truce in besieged Homs Thursday. A ten-day truce will take place in the last opposition-held section of Homs for food to go through to civilians caught in battle.

Ukraine announced a new push to mobilize more troops to the east, warning of further Russian “aggression” as violence has intensified recently.

In the continuing aftermath of the attacks in France, leaders across the globe stood in the face of violence – and pushed for unity. President Hollande, on Thursday, tried to reassure the Muslim community of standing behind them, while demanding general respect for Jewish values.

Chancellor Merkel in Germany also declared her commitment to protecting both Muslims and Jews from extremism in a Thursday statement. President Obama joined in with Hollande by saying violence won’t shatter free speech rights.

Should know

Kashmir; 5 militants killed in gunbattle with India’s army — Iraq; Mass grave of 16 people found in northern Iraq — Hondoras; 3 bodies found at clandestine grave at youth lockup by gangs — Guantanamo Bay; 5 Yemenis transferred from U.S. custody, 4 to Oman, 1 to Estonia

Syria/Iraq; U.S. coalition launched 22 airstrikes against ISIS — Islamic State; A Syrian was beheaded as opposition grows in ISIS-controlled territory — United States; Ohio man arrested for alleged plot to attack U.S. Capitol

Libya; Warplane from internationally recognized gov’t attacked ship carrying gasoline — China; Citizens enlisted to guard border with North Korea

Bangladesh; Paramilitary states they will shoot protesters with firebombs — Washington D.C.; Protesters of police killings snarl traffic — Spain; Catalonia region to hold vote in September amid independence drive

To watch

Columbia; Peace talks with FARC members to discuss ceasefire — Palestine; Palestinian leader calls for Arab aid after Israel cut-off — Boko Haram; United States and Britain may set up scheme to deal with Boko Haram in Nigeria — United States; States to ask judge to block Obama immigration orders


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