Last 24 Hours: Anti-terrorism crackdown in Ukraine slow, U.S. lawmakers go to Afghanistan

Pro-Russian groups addressed as “separatists” continue their hold on east Ukraine oblasts as the Kyiv government made a slow start to their “anti-terrorism” operation. Occupations are taking place in regions such as Donetsk, Slaviansk and other spots.  Military planes were seen flying over Donetsk after the interim president signed to enact the anti-terrorism campaign. Rebels in Kramatorsk voluntarily surrendered on Monday.

NATO’s chief has called on the Russian government to stop destabilizing their neighboring country of Ukraine. Anders Fogh Rasmussen stated that the nation should “stop being part of the problem and start being part of the solution.”

Rebel videos posted show Syria’s armed opposition groups using United States-made rockets in Syria. In the meanwhile, the Syrian parliament will announce the dates of the national presidential election next week.

United States lawmakers went to Afghanistan to make a case in keeping American troops in the country. Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives John Boehner, along with seven other representatives, went on a two-day trip after the nation’s elections to urge for the continuation of American support.

CIA’s drone strikes in Pakistan carried out by regular U.S. air force personnel.

Should know

Yemen; Suspected al Qaida militants killed a deputy governor in central Yemen
Syria; Government seized ancient Christian town near Lebanon border
Thailand; One dead in shooting at protest site
Congo; Militia leader surrendered and gets killed shortly after
Tripoli; Jordan ambassador to Libya kidnapped
Bahrain; Assailants firebombed police car

Cairo; Bomb wounds two policemen in Egypt’s capital
Damascus; Mortar fire in capital kills child, wounds 40

South Africa; Dissident ANC veterans urge voters to spoil South Africa ballots
South Sudan; Rebels order oil shutdown, battle over town

China; China stresses need for stability at first meeting of nation’s new security council
Koreas; South says no to North proposal of joint drone probe

To watch

India; Opposition alliance to win majority
Panama; Presidential candidates tied ahead of May vote
Philippines; Rebels say to the government, exercise caution to uphold peace deal
Moldova; Talks expected in May over Moldova breakaway region


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