Last 24 Hours: Pressure is on in east Ukraine

The unrest of separatist protests in Ukraine’s east will be resolved in the next 48 hours, Ukraine’s interior minister Arsen Avakov says. It is not clear if it will done through negotiations or by force. 

Separatists have set up and reinforced barricades at the occupied state security building in Luhansk, against police threats. Pro-Russians remain in control of Ukraine’s Donetsk while security forces have cleared out any separatists in Kharkiv.

The United States accuses Russian agents of stirring eastern Ukraine separatist unrest.

In a bold move, Russia is to meet with the European Union and the United States over the current Ukraine crisis next week. However, the United States warns that Moscow may be planning an intervention in eastern Ukraine soon.

United Nations human rights chief says violations by Syria’s government “far outweigh” the rebels. In Navi Pillay’s address to the UN Security Council, she also named other human rights crises occurring in Central African Republic, South Sudan, Mali and Libya. She also referred the Syria case to the International Criminal Court, which the Syria envoy opposed.

France says the survival of President Bashar al-Assad would be a “total impasse” for Syria.

Israel’s prime minister Netanyahu orders an halt to Palestinian talks, threatening any kind of progress made in the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. China also urged Israel to make a “brave” decision over the ongoing talks.

Libya’s parliament is calling for a new government and the country’s cabinet is demanding for more power. This comes just as Libya is not yet in full control of re-opened eastern port after oil port rebel talks.

Iran and six powers face “significant gaps” in nuclear talks this week.

Should know

Pakistan; Bomb kills at least 21 in market on edge of Pakistani capital – Lebanon; Two soldiers shot dead in north, security sources say – Yemen; Gunmen kill five soldiers at checkpoint – United States; One U.S. Marine shot and killed at North Carolina base – Syria; Assad troops advance into rebel border town Rankus – India; Indian election officials attacked by Maoist rebels

Indonesia; Country votes for new parliament, sets stage for presidential poll – Tunisia; Lawmakers start debate on key step in democratic transition – Greece; Greek labor unions stage national strike against austerity – Venezuela; Maduro government and foes talk, Vatican may mediate

Japan/China; Japan’s scrambles against China’s planes hit record high –  NATO; NATO to triple Baltic air patrol from next month – Afghanistan; Afghan election complaints watchdog warns of fraud

United States; Secretary of State John Kerry says willing to take blame for U.S. foreign policy failures – Central African Republic; France says backs evacuation of Muslims in CAR as “last resort”

To watch

Refugees; Italy rescues 4,000 migrants traveling by sea in 48 hours in escalating crisis – Saudi Arabia; Government records 11 cases of MERS virus in Jeddah – Catalonia; Leader says Spain’s parliament rejection won’t halt independence referendum – Scotland; Former NATO chief says Scotland independence would be “cataclysmic”


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