Last 24 Hours: East Ukraine battle grows

As pro-Russians take regional governmental or security buildings in east Ukraine calling for independence, Ukraine launches an “anti-terrorism” operation. Security forces detained 70 in Kharkiv, were in a stand off with protesters in other cities such as Donetsk and Luhansk.

The Kyiv government accuses Russia of orchestrating the separatist moves within the country. NATO also warns Russia of “grave consequences” over Ukraine.

As the counting of the election ballots will take weeks to complete, early signs show that Afghanistan will have a second round of voting. There were also 3,000 filed complaints over the election.

Syria’s upcoming presidential elections will not be delayed despite war or politics, the country’s information minister states.

Iran, other superpowers seek to narrow gaps in new round of nuclear talks.

Should know

Pakistan; Twelve killed in bomb blast on train; Forces killed 30 separatist militants in Baluchistan – Somalia; Two UN workers dead in Somalia – Brazil; Workers clash with guards and shots fired in Rio World Cup Park – Syria; Israel backs Syria opposition accusations of poison attack

Taiwan; Protesters to end occupation of parliament as official partially fulfills demands – Canada; Quebec separatists lose election, independence referendum avoided – Cuba; U.S. contractor jailed in Cuba goes on hunger strike against U.S., Cuba

Guantanamo Bay; Gitmo panel to weigh transfer of suspected al-Qaida fighter – Thailand; Frustrated Thai PM Yingluck pleads for justice, fair treatment – Myanmar; UN envoy urges Myanmar to allow aid access to Rohingyas

To watch

Spain; Spanish parliament set to reject Catalan referendum on independence – Libya; Cabinet asks for more power, denies it has resigned; after deal, Libya begins to load at ports – United States; Supreme Court declines early look at NSA case


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