Last 48 Hours: Afghan ballots counting, Ukraine’s east conflict brews

More than seven million Afghans took to election polls this Saturday, participating in the country’s strong bout of democracy. The presidential election ballots are currently being counted and the government says it will take another week to announce the winner.

Ukraine’s east regions of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kharkiv all dealt with protest actions take place this Sunday where pro-Russian groups took the regional government offices and demanded a referendum for independence.

Over the weekend in Syria, violence continued to rage across the country. A blast killed at least 29 Syria rebels in the city of Homs, a monitoring group reports. Two rebel commanders are also included in the car bomb death toll. Damascus had government warplanes hit a southern suburb and mortar fire fighting kill two near the Damascus Opera House.

Friday and Saturday brought fierce tribal clashes in Egypt’s Aswan in the southeast corner region of the country. It was reported 23 were killed the first two days and two were killed in the continuation of the Egypt tribal clash on Sunday. Schools were closed, the military intervened and a curfew was imposed.

Libya talks between oil port rebels and the government concluded on an agreement of the opening of two ports. Another two rebel-occupied ports will be opened in the next two to four weeks after more discussions between the two parties.

Taiwan’s parliament sit-in protest over a controversial trade pact with China may end in the near future as the government has made a key concession over the pact.

Should know

Nigeria; Islamist militants killed 17 in northeast Nigeria, attack mosque – Iraq; At least 20 Iraqi soldiers killed in attacks – Bahrain; Car bomb exploded in Bahrain’s capital Manama, F1 race unaffected – Afghanistan; Bomb killed Afghan election workers, destroys ballot papers – Jordan; One Syrian refugee killed in clash with Jordanian security

Lebanon; Alawite leader, 11 others charged with “terrorist” activity – Tunisia; Police arrest Islamist militants after bomb mishap

Libya; Mass strike paralyzes Benghazi, airport closed – Thailand; Supporters of Thai PM converge in thousands to counter anti-government protests – Iraq; U.S. warns against travel via Baghdad airport, refers to “specific threat” – Poland; PM says NATO to boost military presence within weeks

Mali; New prime minister appointed after entire government resigns – Chad; Government rejects United Nations claim of market shooting in CAR – Central African Republic; United Nations leader says CAR peacekeepers “overwhelmed” – Japan; Government orders military to strike any new North Korean missile launches

To watch

Tunisia; Tunisia treads path to political stability but still faces tests – Brazil; Brazil troops in Rio slum before upcoming World Cup – France; French government faces growing unrest from party ranks – Iran, Pakistan; Navies of Iran, Pakistan to hold joint drill in Hormuz Strait


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