Last 24 Hours: NATO to defend Baltic states after Russia visits Crimea

As Russia gets closer to Crimea after its prime minister upsets Ukraine and Western nations by making a trip to Crimea Monday for local government talks, NATO makes moves to defend nations that may be under threat. NATO is bolstering support for eastern Europe states, especially the Baltic states, worried about Crimea. For example, a Putin adviser said he may want to “regain Finland” for Russia in a recent comment to a newspaper. NATO also says there is no Russian withdrawal seen.

Brutal protests brew in China against a chemical plant in the southern province of Guangdong. Reports and social media posts have shown possible injuries and blood on Maomin streets as police intervened.

Turkey’s opposition has taken to the streets in the capital of Ankara to challenge the weekend local election result, demanding that they recount their votes. Thousands were hit by water cannons by the election council headquarters Tuesday.

Thailand’s weekend election poll for the national Senate leans pro-government, showing a sign of support for prime minister Yingluck. The prime minister is now facing charges of negligence brought about by a challenge by ongoing protests.

Al Qaeda’s Yemen branch mocks tough new counter-terrorism measures adopted by Saudi Arabia, ultimately saying the effort will not deter them.

The United States CIA misled the government and the American public on its interrogation program, a U.S. Senate report states.

Should know

Kenya; Five killed in blast in capital Nairobi – Mexico; Security forces kill Michoacan cartel leader- Thailand; Gunmen kill one, injure four in Bangkok – Afghanistan; Forces seize tons of explosion ahead of election – Libya; East Libya rebels close to deal to reopen ports

Koreas; Unidentified drone crashes onto South Korea border island, military says – Myanmar; Humanitarian crisis looms in western Myanmar as foreign aid workers leave – Guinea; Nation faces Ebola virus on unprecedented scale

Kuwait; Government rejects U.S. accusations of Syria terror funding – Central African Republic; United Nations warns against funding CAR militias – South China Sea; China summons Philippines ambassador over legal case – United States, India; U.S. ambassador to India resigns after diplomatic row

To watch

MidEast peace talks; U.S. Secretary of State Kerry returns to Middle East for peace talks – Israel/Palestine; Israel may halt settlement construction for peace talks  – New Mexico; Governor urges for calm after anti-police protests over shooting


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