Last 24 Hours: Russia staging around Ukraine

Russia has been reported to be staging around mainland Ukraine, amassing thousands of troops and setting up camps creating fears of an imminent invasion beyond Crimea. United States intel sources also reversed their intelligence to say an invasion of eastern Ukraine is increasingly likely. Russia has then denied that they are even positioning troops around Ukraine.

The Russian government also criticized the UN resolution condemning Crimea’s secession. And the General Assembly votes “Yes” on Ukraine unity on Thursday. The U.S. passed a bill to help cash-strapped Ukraine Thursday as well.

The United States was warned they should curb the use of their drones and surveillance by a United Nations human rights watchdog group. The nation was also criticized for their secret detention programs. The watchdog group stated the U.S. “has fallen short of meeting its obligations under an international civil rights treaty.”

The United Nations has renewed their North Korea human rights investigation and the country’s envoy told the UN rights forum, “mind your own business.” The UN Security Council also denounces their ongoing missile launches.

Venezuelan President Maduro accepts facilitator for talks with the opposition over ongoing deadly unrest.

The Philippine government and Muslim rebels signed a final peace deal to end 45-year conflict.

Should know

Afghanistan; Afghan Taliban insurgents attack foreign guesthouse in Kabul – Lebanon; Gunmen kill soldier in Tripoli – Kashmir; Gunmen dressed as Indian soldiers spark gunbattle in Indian-controlled region – Thailand; Two grenades fired into anti-corruption office ahead of PM defense – Yemen; Three killed in raid on militants in south Yemen

Egypt; Militants threaten workers in Sinai – Mexico; Police nab alleged criminals posed as vigilantes – Myanmar; Soldiers, police patrol streets in western Myanmar – Iraq; UN says 400,000 displaced this year due to violence in nation – Libya; Protesters block oil pipeline to Mellitah port as strikes widen

 Central African Republic; Germany adds planes to CAR effort – United Nations; UN renews war crimes investigation in Syria – Internet; Facebook launches lab to bring Internet everywhere

To watch

Darfur; UN raises alarm over escalating violence in Sudan region – Spain; Hundreds of migrants attempt to enter Spanish enclave from Morocco – Turkey; In local elections, all eyes on PM Erdogan – U.S./Saudi Arabia; Obama trip to Saudi Arabia coming up – United Nations; UN warns of increasing militant link between Iraq, Syria


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