Last 24 Hours: April elections in Iraq threatened

A two-day Arab summit in Kuwait ended Wednesday with a promise to end rifts within the Middle East. “We pledge to work decisively to put a final end to divisions,” Kuwait’s foreign minister stated. Syria was a hot topic, with many calls to end violence, as support for both sides were evident.

Islamist rebels have taken their first coastal village in north Syria Tuesday, reports and video footage confirm. ”This is the first area of coast in Syria to be liberated,” an activist stated on the capturing of Samra on the Mediterranean coastline.

The United States says the recent UN report lays full blame on the Syrian government for hindering humanitarian aid delivery. UN’s Ban ki-Moon has consistently blamed both sides for the aid delay.

Amid an ongoing civil war in Iraq, the entire electoral commission resigned Tuesday. They claim there was political interference in judiciary and legislative levels. This development comes just weeks before a planned April 30 election.

Egypt’s military chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi may be stepping down as the minister, Egypt’s state-run agency al-Ahram reports. This is a signal that it may be a step towards declaring an official bid for presidency.

Brazil’s lower house of the national Congress has approved a bill allowing more freedom on the Internet. The bill gives greater access to all and ensures better privacy after NSA and United States spying revelations.

Should know

Syria; Islamist rebels capture first coastal village – Nigeria; Suicide car bomb kills five policemen in northeast city of Maiduguri  – Russia; Five militants and a policeman killed in Caucasus fighting, Russia says – Bahrain; Policeman injured in blast on highway – North Korea; North Korea fires mid-range ballistic missiles into the sea, South Korea says – Ukraine; Russia holds military exercises in Moldova region

Mali; Tuareg rebel leader to government, start talks or risk a new revolt – Kenya; Government orders Somali refugees back to camps after attacks – Venezuela; Authorities arrest three air force generals “plotting coup” – United States/Asia; Pres. Obama brings U.S. allies South Korea and Japan together for talks

Spain; Spanish court says Catalonia’s sovereignty claim illegal – Africa Union; AU brands Central African Republic militia “terrorists” after peacekeeper killed – Boston marathon bombing; Report says Russia warned U.S. of bomb suspect – Nuclear power; World leaders urge more action to prevent nuclear terrorism

To watch

Tunisia; Nation sees presidential and parliamentary elections in 2014, despite delays – United States; Immigration detainees resume hunger strike at Washington facility


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