Last 24 Hours: G7 moves from Russia; Syria talks done

International alliance of the G8 met without Russia on Monday and decided not to meet for a G8 summit in Russia’s Sochi over the nation’s involvement with Ukraine. The new “G7” will now be meeting in Brussels this coming June and have threatened Russia with further sanctions if they make more moves in regards to Ukraine after Crimea. Russia has responded by saying they are still interested in maintaining interest with the G8.

“It is unlikely at the current time that dialogue will resume between the Syrian regime and the opposition in Geneva,” United Nations envoy Brahimi stated Monday. On the ground, Syrian forces battled with rebels who captured a village and a crossing on the Turkey border. UN’s Ban ki-Moon also blamed both sides of the conflict for blocking humanitarian aid.

Following Monday’s highly debated death sentence verdict for 529 pro-Morsi Egyptians, another court Tuesday put a Muslim Brotherhood leader along with 682 on trial for multiple charges including murder. Lawyers have decided to boycott this recent mass trial of Islamists.

After a scuffle hit Taiwan’s government office occupied by demonstrators early Monday, President Ma says he is willing to meet with the protesters over the controversial China pact currently in negotiations.

Should know

Venezuela; Pregnant woman, national guardsmen new fatalities in unrest | Sudan; Government says 151 rebels slain in Darfur fighting | Afghanistan; Taliban hit Kabul election office, kill at least four | Central African Republic; Nine killed in further CAR fighting | Mexico; Three women, one child killed near Acapulo

United States/Ukraine; Congress locked in Ukraine aid bill dispute | South Sudan; South Sudan peace talks continue in Ethiopia | Scotland; Islanders seek votes for own independence

Germany; Airports to be rocked by spreading strikes Thursday | United States; Activists arrested after protest at Alabama immigration facility | Libya; Port rebels demand oil tanker back before any negotiations | Thailand; Protesters hope vote for Senate will bring up PM Yingluck impeachment

Haiti; United Nations says nation has more cholera than any other nation | Guinea; Teams quarantine Ebola victims in outbreak | Nuclear power; 35 countries pledge to boost nuclear security

To watch

Surveillance; United States President Obama to propose ending NSA phone data sweep | Ukraine; Defense chief resigns as troops pull out of Crimea | Middle East; Arab summit opens, leaders struggle with multiple rifts


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