Last 24 Hours: 529 sentenced to death in Egypt

An Egyptian court ruled a massive sentence Monday, declaring 529 Muslim Brotherhood members were to be sentenced to death. The ruling convicted all of them guilty of murder and other offenses in participation of a deadly event during the summer’s unrest after Morsi’s ouster.

Hundreds of demonstrators have occupied the main Taiwan governmental building in protest over a highly debated pact with China on trade. Students jump-started the occupation five days ago. However, police moved into the occupation, made arrests and brought about reports of injures due to scuffles Monday.

Thailand anti-government protesters make their way back to the streets Monday after a quiet month of less protests. Prime Minister Yingluck is currently at a higher risk of impeachment following Friday’s court decision to nullify the 2 February poll.

Turkey shoots down a Syrian airplane for reportedly trespassing airspace on Sunday.

The United States sends more troops and aircraft to Uganda for the continuation of the search for African warlord Joseph Kony. The search has gone on for a few years now and an African expert says today’s development is a “game changer.”

China demands answers on American spying revelations revealed through new Edward Snowden NSA information released over the weekend.

Should know

Nigeria; Blast kills 32 in northeast Nigerian village — Yemen; Suspected al-Qaida militants kill 14 troops — Syria; Rebels capture Kassab town near the Turkey border — Jerusalem; Israeli police say the largely Arab area of Jerusalem was vandalized — Gaza; Hamas rally takes aim at Egypt, Israel and Palestine government — Greece; Greek police destroy bomb outside tax office

Israel; Embassies close around world as diplomats strike — Afghanistan; Election observers pull out foreign staff out of nation after Kabul hotel attack — Saudi Arabia; New SARS like virus death toll grows to 64

Climate; New climate report says warming is a big risk for people — United States; “Significant” Texas oil spill closes major U.S. ship channel — United Nations; UN says 2013 weather events due to warming earth — Chemical weapons; Japan to hand over nuclear material to the U.S.

To watch

South Africa; President to meet mining firms and unions as platinum strike drags on — Lebanon; One dead in Beirut as violent clashes erupt over Syria politics — Russia; NATO commander warns of Russia threat to separatist Moldova region — Ukraine; Ukraine announces military pull-out from Crimea — United States; New terror report release may fuel Congress CIA spat


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