Last 24 Hours: Libya calls for help to fight terrorism

Syria closed Lebanon border amid spread of fighting after recent gains in bordering regions alongside Hezbollah fighters. Tensions have risen in Lebanon after Syria gains control of the border. These tensions are sure to rise further as dozens of injured Syrians fled into the neighboring nation after being ambushed by Syrian forces Thursday. 

Nearly half of Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile has been removed, the mission organization reports.

In a push to move along with annexing Crimea, Russia’s foreign minister suggests the local parliament sign the treaty of accepting Crimea as a part of the Russian Federation. In the meanwhile, Russia forces seized two Ukrainian naval bases on Wednesday.

And in very similar Russian government language used towards Crimea, Moscow expresses strong concern over treatment of the Russian population in Estonia. The Estonian nation was also a part of the Soviet Union.

Libya declares a war on terrorism and asks the United Nations, as well as international nations for help, as the country continues to suffer instability due to a wave of bombings and violence.

After the United States boarded and took over an oil tanker leaving a rebel-held port in Libya, the United Nations Security Council gave nations authorization to follow suit as Libya rebel leaders called the U.S. “pirates.”

Should know

Mali; French forces kill about 40 jihadists in Mali — Baghdad; Suicide attack kills 12 people — Jalalabad; Taliban suicide bombers attack police station in Afghanistan — Turkey; Two security forces killed in Turkey’s Nigde — Egypt; Two army officers, one teenager killed in violence

Israel/Palestine; Palestinians throw stones at Israeli lawmaker  — Myanmar; Rebels, villagers destroy poppy crops against drug addiction — Saudi Arabia; Saudi deports 370,000 migrants over five months

United Nations; Russia, United States exchange threats at tense UN meeting — Japan/South Korea; Nations could meet next week — Venezuela; Government moves against opposition mayors — China; United Nations concerned at activist’s death — Florida; Man in U.S. admits to attempting to join al-Qaida group

To watch

Niger; Niger fears contagion from Nigeria’s Boko Haram Islamists — Spain; Nation beefs up African enclave security after hundreds storm border — Sri LankaCity shut ahead of war crimes resolution — Colombia; Government confirms ouster of Bogota mayor — Algeria; Ex-leader suggests president should quit


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