Last 24 Hours: Syria ordered out of U.S.

Russia and Syria responded to the United States’ closure of the Syrian embassy on Wednesday; Moscow called it “worrying and disappointing.” The United States ordered the Syrian government to suspend their diplomatic and consular programs on American grounds Tuesday morning. Syrian diplomats were also told to leave the country, effectively having the U.S. government cut off and suspend diplomatic relations with Syria.

Over in Golan Heights on Tuesday, Israel suffered an attack from the Syrian side, wounding four troops of their own. It was reported that Israel returned the developments with an attack directed at Syrian military posts Wednesday.

Russia’s Putin signed a treaty having Ukraine’s Crimea region join the nation Tuesday. However, the situation in Crimea escalated as one Ukraine serviceman was killed in an attack and Russian forces stormed a Ukrainian base in Sevastopol.

Students and faculty join together, manning a barricade, in an university city in Venezuela. The groups continue the anti-government protests in Merida, defying the ongoing crackdown.  The Congress there is now seeking a probe of opposition leader over the protests.

Osama bin-Laden’s son-in-law takes stand in New York court in own defense Wednesday morning.

The United States National Security Agency (NSA) records all calls in targeted foreign nations, a report reveals.

Should know

Israel; Troops kill Palestinian teenager in West Bank — Egypt; Two army officers killed in shootout with militants — Lebanon; Protests flare up over “siege” of border town Arsal  — Somalia; Militant strike kills peacekeepers, government troops

Lebanon/Syria; Lebanon reopens road to town near Syrian border — European Union; EU aims to deploy Central Africa mission by mid-April — South Korea/Japan; National leaders set to meet amid possibly thawing ties

To watch 

Nepal; Maoist students put on partial strike, take to Kathmandu streets in angry protest over possible fuel price hike — Kyrgyzstan; Leader accepts government’s resignation — China; Taiwan students occupy legislature over China trade pact deal 


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