Ukraine: Crimea conflict escalates, one dead

Russia’s President Putin has signed a treaty to officially add Ukraine’s Crimea region to maps of Russia. Putin himself said in a statement Tuesday, “in people’s hearts and minds, Crimea has always been an integral part of Russia.”

Just as the Russian announcement on Crimea from Putin came, the Kyiv Post reported from a Ukraine military base in Crimea:

“All are waiting for the decision. If they [Russian authorities] sign decree on incorporation of Crimea then we become seen as occupants here,” one of the Ukrainian soldiers said, refusing to give his name, fearing for his life. “Oh God! They already did it.”

Now after the independence and Russian-alignment of Crimea, the rest of the world and nearby nations are on edge for Putin’s next move. In Putin’s statement on his Crimea treaty, he stated the nation would not seize any other regions. However, U.S. President Obama has called for G7 members to meet over Ukraine.

It was reported, long after Putin’s treaty announcement on Tuesday, a Ukraine servicemen  was shot dead in Crimea during an attack on the base. It was not yet known if it was shot by Russians in Simferopol but it is the first death since Russia’s takeover of Crimea.

International response

The United Kingdom has responded to latest developments out of Russia’s involvement in Ukraine by announcing they are going to be suspending military cooperation with Russia, suspending military licenses and cancelling joint naval exercises.

United States Vice President Joe Biden traveled to Poland “to send a signal to Russia” over its moves in regards to Ukraine.

Japan joined the international community by imposing sanctions on Russia over Crimea.


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