Last 24 Hours: Syria war crimes list identified

Russia’s President Putin has signed a treaty to officially add Ukraine’s Crimea region to maps of Russia. Putin himself said in a statement Tuesday, “in people’s hearts and minds, Crimea has always been an integral part of Russia.”

Now after the independence and Russian-alignment of Crimea, the rest of the world and nearby nations are on edge for Putin’s next move. However, U.S. President Obama has called for G7 members to meet over Ukraine.

United Nations panel investigating human rights crimes in Syria identifies war crimes in the nation under a state of ongoing deadly conflict. “No one can claim ignorance of what is occurring in Syria,” Brazilian diplomat Pinheiro said of the list.

Thailand government lifts state of emergency in Bangkok just as tensions start to ease after months – and still ongoing – protests in efforts to oust prime minister Yingluck. 

Should know

Iraq; Officials say bombings kill 12 people — Israel; Blast near Syrian border wounds three soldiers — Afghanistan; Suicide bomber kills 15 in northern Afghan market — Somalia; Suicide bomber, gunmen attack hotel — Syria; Chemical weapons store attacked by rockets

Yemen; Car bomb damages local intelligence HQ in southern Yemen, wounds four — Lebanon; Hostilities swell in Lebanon in Syria spillover — Morocco; Hundreds of Africans charge Spanish enclave — Kenya; Police arrest two men with bombs, suspected ties to militants

Nigeria; Borno schools closed fearing extremists — Protest; Greenpeace activists occupy French nuclear plant — Iran; Government takes legal action against opposition leaders — United States; Detroit man accused of supporting Hezbollah

To watch 

Scotland; Head battles heart in Scottish independence debate — Nuclear powers; Iran, 6 powers discuss sanctions, nuclear cuts — Libya; Militia leader accuses United States of piracy


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