Syria: Gov’t moves into Qalamoun after Yabroud

“No one can claim ignorance of what is occurring in Syria,” Brazilian diplomat Pinheiro said of the list released by the United Nations. A UN panel investigating human rights crimes in Syria identifies war crimes in the nation under a state of ongoing deadly conflict, eventually stating that the war crimes information they’ve found is “solid enough” for indictment

The United Nations also reported on mass executions taking place in Syria by the formerly al-Qaida backed ISIS (Islamic State of Syria and Iraq) group. The human rights report released and shared in Geneva also covered other atrocities taking place in Syria, such as, barrel bombardment and more. “Survivors [of the barrel-bomb attacks in Aleppo] commonly spoke about seeing bodies without limbs or heads,” the BBC reports.

On the ground

Syria governmental troops started an assault on rebel-held ground in Qalamoun, after completing their attack on Yabroud near the Lebanese border Sunday and Monday. It is reportedly one of the last rebel strongholds in the Qalamoun mountains.

A Syria chemical weapons store was attacked by five rockets in Latakia earlier this month, Reuters reports citing sources who were overseeing the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons efforts to disarm Syria’s chemical weapon stockpile.

Through talks

The United States ordered the Syrian government to suspend their diplomatic and consular programs on American grounds Tuesday morning. Syrian diplomats were also told to leave the country, effectively having the U.S. government cut off and suspend diplomatic relations with Syria.


Hezbollah’s Yabroud triumph, along with Syria forces, makes Lebanon a bigger target.

Israel vows response as 4 troops wounded by Golan Heights bomb Tuesday.

Syria government shows off finding rebel car-bomb assembly site in Yabroud after taking town.

Detroit man in the United States was accused of supporting Hezbollah.


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