Last 24 Hours: Taliban threatens Afghan elections

Just as the conflict in Ukraine continues with Russia over the Crimea region, the current prime minister Yatsenyuk from the Kyiv government is set to meet with United States President Obama in Washington D.C. this Wednesday. And over in Russia, the Moscow government warns Ukraine over “lawlessness” in largely pro-Russia east regions.

The Taliban plans and calls for a violent campaign against those participating in the upcoming Afghanistan election. They state that the election is a “sham” and a false manipulation by the United States.

Protests against the government in Venezuela continue and talks widen rifts within the opposition this Monday. In San Cristobal, security forces were reported to have attacked protest barricades.

After a threatening standoff between Libya protesters occupying oil ports and a North Korean tanker over the weekend, the government orders military forces to “liberate” rebel-held ports. The militia called for the Korean ship to unload onto its rebel-held port but now Libya government forces claim they are near the oil tanker.

Should know

Iraq; Suicide bomber kills at least 45, injures more than 140 in Hilla city — Yemen; Government reports deadly clashes in northwest Yemen with 30 dead, dozens injured — Israel; Guards shoot, kill Jordanian judge at border — Damascus; Nuns held hostage for months freed arrive in Syria capital — Bahrain; Government says foreign ‘terrorists’ behind blast that killed police

Nepal; Police step up security to stop Tibetian protests — El Salvador; Ex-rebel favorite seen to win presidential election — United Nations; UN starts Central African Republic investigation

United States; Network to scan workers with secret clearances — Germany; Nation rejects Snowden claim it bowed down to NSA — Boston; Security plans for marathon to be detailed

To watch

Israel; Prime minister Netanyahu says any peace deal with Palestinians at least a year away — Colombia; Citizens vote for congress ahead of FARC peace accord — Middle East; Israel sees drone threat from Lebanon and Gaza


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