Last 24 Hours: Egypt gov’t resigns

Egypt’s government has unexpectedly resigned, the prime minister announced Monday. There was no reason behind the decision. The country has been continuing down its political roadmap with the presidential election on its way.

Thai prime minister Yingluck stands firm as she states she won’t resign with protest calls for her to do so, all the while she flees the Bangkok capital due to growing unrest violence. Over the weekend, an explosion killed 2 and injured more than 20 near an anti-government rally in Bangkok. Gunfire has also been reported as occurring.

Planned meetings between the Venezuelan government and opposition leaders Monday may help ease protests. At least eight have died in weeks of protest violence across the nation.

As per documents seen by Reuters, the Iraq government is to purchase $195 million dollars worth of arms from Iran. This would break the arms embargo the United Nations has on Iran.

Should know

Iraq; Seventeen dead in bombings and shootings across nation — Pakistan; Fighter jets pound suspected militant hideouts, kill 38 — Sinai; 14 militants killed, 23 arrested over weekend, Egypt army says — South Sudan; Army says repels rebel attacks on positions near Bor

Syria; Rebel, friend of al Qaeda leader, killed by rival Islamists  — Colombia; Attackers fire at convoy of presidential candidate  — Liberia; Suspected Liberian gunmen attack Ivorian border

Hong Kong; Thousands march against erosion of media freedoms — Russia; Officials detain protesters outside trial over anti-Putin rally — South China Sea; Philippines say China used water cannon on fishermen in disputed sea — Pentagon; New proposal shows shrinking army, scrapping some jets

To watch

European Union; Ukraine sets for EU course after Pres. Yanukovich ouster — Scotland; Leader says opinion polls show race for independence tightening — Ethiopia; Egypt internationalizes dam dispute


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