Last 24 Hours: Ukraine agreement signed

Ukraine President Yanukovich and opposition leaders sign an agreement deal Friday. The deal is to pave way to early elections, reintroduce the nation’s 2004 constitution and hopefully end the instability on the streets in Kiev and across the state. (Full text of agreement / Live video of Maidan)

The death toll out of Venezuela is now up to six as more protests occurred over Thursday night. Demonstrations were put on after the opposition called for peaceful gatherings and ended up into clashes between protesters and troops in Caracas, Andean states of Tachira and Merida, and San Cristobal. (Live video from Venezuela)

Unpaid farmers in Thailand called off their planned tractor drive protest to the airport in Bangkok after they were told they’d be paid. After months of protests, they are to be paid next week, the Thai government says.

The United Nations Security Council has announced a vote on a resolution that would boost humanitarian aid for Syria this Saturday morning. The resolution also calls for an end to shelling and aerial bombardment.

Should know

Iraq; Mortar fire kills at least 21, wounding 65 —  Somalia; Blast, gunfire heard near presidential palace, at least 14 dead — Nigeria; Death toll from Islamist attack rises to 98 — Congo; Security forces scatter attempted rally by presidential rival — South Sudan; Oil state capital divided, oil output down — India; Parliament approves creating new state despite some disapproval

United States/Afghanistan; U.S. report says planned cuts to Afghan forces threaten stability — New York; Police surveillance of Muslims ruled constitutional by judge

Gaza; Economic woes pile up, unemployment soars — Germany; Security staff strike brings chaos to Frankfurt airport — Philippines; Military to buy 12 South Korea fighters for $422 million — Central African Republic; UN urges reinforcements for CAR — Turkey; Prime minister Erdogan seeks more powers for spy agency

To watch

Italy; New cabinet may be named soon — Iran; Military support boosted in Syria to bolster Assad — U.S. shoe bomb threat; Latest shoe bomb threat linked to al-Qaeda affiliate


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