Last 24 Hours: Libya to polls despite blasts

As violence straps Venezuela, a media blackout is thought to be imminent as a longtime “defiant” television station goes dark. This occurs as numerous photos and videos were posted overnight of reported violence. Among the many dead across the nation is a beauty queen who died from a gunshot wound. (Live video from Venezuela)

Jailed opposition leader Lopez releases a statement saying President Maduro should make an “exit” and called for protesters to continue on with actions. In the meanwhile, United States President Obama criticizes the Venezuela government while in Mexico for a summit.

Protests continue in Thailand as demonstrators target prime minister Yingluck-connected businesses. The prime minister has as well publicly denied corruption charges.

Ukraine continues to unravel as unrest hits Kiev and regions across the nation. A truce was reached around midnight but that was broken Thursday morning with new violence. (Live video from Ukraine)

Pakistan’s prime minister announced having approved air strikes on militant hideouts. Reports say there were already strikes in the Pashtun region on the Afghan border, killing about 40 people. This comes after Pakistan’s army announcement that 100 soldiers were killed by Taliban violence in the last five months. Talks failed with the Taliban just last week.

In meetings with six international powers, Iran says a negotiation agenda has been agreed upon in nuclear talks.

Russia had previously stated a United Nations resolution for Syria aid was possible and now the vote is said to likely be taking place Friday. The support from Russia and China is still unclear after promising statements.

Should know

Libya; Blasts shake five polling stations, no one hurt — Nigeria; Police say Islamists kill 47 in attack — Central African Republic; New fighting blocks United Nations visit — Lebanon/Syria; Blasts rock Beiruit as violence seeps in from Syria

United States/Iran; U.S. says nuclear deal needed to lift sanctions — Somalia; United Nations may extend arms embargo despite concerns — Niger; Nation hosts U.S.-organized exercises to strengthen African security — Congo; United Nations to send more peacekeepers — Britain; Government to protest Spanish incursion into Gibraltar’s waters — Afghanistan; Taliban repudiates hoped-for olive branch to government

To watch

United States; Homeland Security alerts airlines of possible shoe bomb threat — Libya; Vote for constitutional body goes on today despite bombs, tensions —  South Sudan; Control of oil state contested, says government  — Italy; PM says new government should be in place by Monday — Central African Republic; Muslims of CAR face deadly purge — Syria; Al Qaeda split grows between Syria rebels


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