Last 24 Hours: Mass protests in Thailand, Venezuela and Ukraine

Five were killed, 70 wounded in Thailand clashes between anti-government protesters and police Tuesday as police made a forceful push into Bangkok protest camps and caused gun battles. A Thai court ruled a state of emergency, but advised against police forces using the state of emergency to defend its actions violating citizens’ rights and safety.

Opposition leader Lopez handing himself over to authorities has reignited mass protests in Venezuela on Tuesday. Student-led demonstrations against corruption, inflation, crime and shortages have grown over the last week. Tens of thousands flooded Caracas streets as Lopez is detained.

Ukraine deals with deadliest day of fighting as Kiev police put on a crackdown on anti-government camps in the nation’s capital. Over a full 24 hours of continuous violent clashes, 25 are reported dead including police deaths. The conflict is ongoing. (Live video here)

The United States believes diplomacy is the best way to solve the Syria conflict but all options are being considered. Russia says a United Nations aid resolution for Syria is possible. In the meanwhile, the Syria government has retaken a village hosting much of his Alawite minority, Maan, from rebels.

Should know

Iraq; Bomb blasts kill 49 — Lebanon; Two car bombs kill six in Beirut — Yemen; Nine killed, 14 soldiers seized in clashes between gunmen and army — Australia; Asylum seekers riot, 1 killed and scores injured — Guinea; Two killed in protests over power cuts — United States; Border agent shoots, kills person in California

Turkey; President approves law tightening Internet controls — United States/Afghanistan; U.S. moves to revive stalled Afghan peace talks — Egypt; Former President Mubarak in court — Mali; Northern rebels agree to confine their fighters — South Sudan; Rebels say capture oil-producing state capital — North America; Summit between Canada, Mexico, U.S. begins

To watch

Iran; Six world powers, Iran hold “substantive” nuclear talks — Libya; Militias threaten government, deploy forces in Tripoli — Pakistan; Senior officer killed by Taliban as talks falter — Egypt; Militants warn tourists to leave country or face attack — Nigeria; Bama attack mars victory claims — Bahrain; Peaceful revolution starts fourth year


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