Last 24 Hours: U.S. debating targeted killing of American terror suspect

Two days into Syria peace talks in Geneva, not much progress has been made thus far. The second round jumped to a faltering start due to conflict over varying issues. Both the Syrian government and the opposition met in person, face to face, on Tuesday following a moment of silence. There is an ongoing effort to bring humanitarian aid and evacuate citizens of Syria’s Homs after much shelling and starvation. The United Nations has reached a ceasefire extension deal with Syria for the next three days.

As protests swept through Thailand in early February and disrupted a national election, the election commission says they are gearing up to hold polls in the areas interrupted by anti-government groups 27 April. However, a vote official has stated the nation may actually need to rerun the entire national election due to a constitutional clause.

“The talks are a historical test for Europe and the United States. And if they respect the interests of our nation, and cooperate in a lawful way, they will hear positive response from our nation. But if they repeat the mistaken approaches of the past, it will be harmful for themselves, the region and world stability,” Iran’s president Rouhani said Wednesday in Tehran.

The United States is debating a drone strike on an American citizen who is suspected to be an active al-Qaeda member in Pakistan. They are believed to currently be planning terrorist attacks against American interests.

Should know

Peshawar; Grenade attack in Pakistan cinema kills 10 — Yemen, Saudi Arabia; Yemen sends 29 Qaeda militants to Saudi Arabia — Somalia; Two car bombs explode in capital, at least five killed — Central African Republic; Lynchings, religious violence increase — Mali; al-Qaeda linked group kidnaps team of Red Cross members — United States; Colorado teen who set himself ablaze at high school dies

Egypt; Secular detainees complain of police torture — Italy; Parliament rejects bid to impeach president — China, Taiwan; The two hold highest-level talks since 1949 — Cyprus; Peace talks to resume seeking end to bitter conflict — Yemen; Federation deal gives autonomy, not independence, to South

To watch

Bosnia; Protesters ramp up demands on sixth day of protests — Koreas; North and South Korea to hold high-level meeting Wednesday — United States, Afghanistan; U.S. considers waiting on Afghan security deal until Karzai leaves — Iran; Military successfully tests long-range missile — United States, Iran; Pentagon “not concerned” by Iranian naval plans in Atlantic — South Sudan; Rebels say they’ll boycott next round of peace talks


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