Last 24 Hours: Possible bombs in toothpaste headed for Sochi

In the midst of security concerns at Sochi, the United States warns airliners flying into Russia about the possibility of bomb making ingredients in toothpaste. In the meanwhile, preliminary and qualifying games have started before Friday’s opening ceremony.

Pakistan and the Taliban have officially started peace talks in Islamabad after a failed first day Wednesday.

Egypt’s military chief announced his candidacy for the upcoming national election through a Kuwaiti paper Wednesday.  The Egypt army spokesman has denied that very report, stating his words were misinterpreted.

Thai polling officials meet to attempt fixing the highly contested and debated weekend vote in a heated political atmosphere. They adjourned with no conclusion on next steps.

SHOULD KNOW: Kenya; Youths riot in Mombassa for third day, one killed | Baghdad; Seven bombs hit across city, kill 13 | Bosnia; Protesters, police clash over factory closures | Syria; Armed groups, regime fight for control in eastern Syria, rebels declare new assault on Aleppo after Assad gains | Central African Republic; France likely to extend missionIraq; Human Rights Watch says Iraq illegally detains women, tortures many | Colombia peace talks; FARC rebels accuses former president on spying on those involved in talks | Turkey; Parliament approves changes to Internet law to limit useSurveillance; Brazil spies on protesters, hoping to protect World Cup

TO WATCH: South China Sea; China media slams Philippine leader comments on disputed waters; U.S. senior diplomat expresses growing concerns on China moves at sea | Sochi; United States warns flights into Russia for bomb ingredients in toothpaste


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