The Latest on Ukraine: Early elections possible

Amid the relentless unrest in the nation of Ukraine, there have been continuous talks of President Yanukovich using force to push out the opposition’s physical footprint in Kiev’s Maidan Square. The President has come out stating that he will not use force and he will not call a state of emergency.

Early elections have also hit the political cycle in Ukraine. Ukrainian lawmaker Miroshnichenko stated the following:

The president said that if politicians can’t now come to an agreement, reach joint decisions and implement them, then the only democratic way of resolving the situation is early elections. And he (Yanukovich) said: ‘Both you will face early elections and I will face early elections.’

The next bout of conflict includes the opposition looking to curtail the President’s powers. Opposition leader Klitschko, also a Ukrainian politician, is pressing for a constitutional change that would limit Presidential powers.

The United States and the European Union are working together to possibly form an economic package for Ukraine. The package is to ease the transition into a new government and stabilize its economy.

HEADLINES: Interim prime minister says protests hurting nation’s economy | Opposition urge army neutrality

FOREIGN POLICY: European Union says “time is on our side” in regards to Ukraine uprising | German foreign minister threatens sanctions against Ukraine | Russia warns Ukraine opposition | United States’ Biden calls on Ukraine to withdraw police, release detainees

TO WATCH: Leader of far-right Ukraine militant group talks revolution


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