Last 24 Hours: Geneva II Syria peace talks are on

As the Pakistani government and the nation’s Taliban organization planned starting peace talks earlier this week, much confusion and doubt has grown over the government’s failure of meeting for the first time Tuesday. Any such talks have been postponed. While as the Taliban and the Pakistan government have improved moves towards peace talks, reports say the United States have dramatically curtailed their drone strikes in the nation of Pakistan.

Also: In regards to the Taliban, Afghanistan’s Karzai has been in secret talks with the organization for possible peace talks.

Syria has missed another serious deadline on 5 February where the government said they were to hand over all their chemical weapons by then. The move has threatened a goal of destroying the stockpile by 30 June. Syria’s ally Russia has however backed the government and said there is a shipment coming.

Also: Russia confirms Syria government, opposition will be at the next round of Geneva talks

Ukraine’s protests and unrest continue as President Yanukovich returns to work after leaving due to an illness. The next bout of conflict includes the opposition looking to curtail the President’s powers.

SHOULD KNOW: Pakistan; Peshawar blast kills seven | Iraq; Four bombs hit central Baghdad, killing 13; car bombs near Green Zone kill nine | Tunisia; Seven militants and one policeman killed in clashLibya; Blast at school kills six children; Gaddafi-era chemical weapons destroyed | India; Proposal of new state plagues Congress session before election | Bahrain; Government toughens penalties for insulting king | Los Angeles; Police found at fault in mistaken identity shooting | Surveillance; U.S. lawmakers warn ‘clock is ticking’ on reform

TO WATCH: Central African Republic; Ethnic clensing suspected as religious violence spreads | South Sudan; President Kiir denies reports of ethnic clensingAfghanistan; U.S. discusses troop levels as Karzai talks to Taliban | Koreas; North and South allow family reunions, skeptism grows as talks begin | Cyprus; Peace talks breakthrough close | Egypt, Sudan; Conflict over disputed region grows | California; Attack on power station raises fear of domestic terrorism


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