The Last 24 Hours: First round of Syria talks end with no solution in sight

Ukraine’s President Yanukovich signed an amnesty bill for arrested and detained activists as political unrest continues to rage today. United States Secretary of State John Kerry has shared he will be meeting with Ukraine’s opposition in Germany this Friday.

The United Nations also announced seeking an independent investigation in the deaths in Kiev, as well as, the reported kidnappings and torture. A beaten Ukrainian activist, missing for a week, appeared on national television and said he was “crucified” as he was kidnapped and tortured by his abductors.

Friday brought the last day for the first round of Syria conflict peace talks in Geneva. There was no form of agreement in reaching a solution in the ongoing civil war. United Nations mediator Brahimi said, “Progress is very slow indeed, but the sides have engaged in an acceptable manner.” The second round is scheduled for February 10, however, Syrian government delegates left without saying if they were committed to coming back.

The United States also accused Syria for stalling the chemical weapons stockpile handover.

A national election nears for Thailand as political unrest spreads throughout the nation. Authorities stated that they may have to close polling stations if trouble appears to endanger a peaceful and equal voting process. The nation’s opposition has announced a boycott of the vote but voters across Thailand share a determination to make it to the polls.

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